Aimee King Marion

Director of Fowl Play, Founded Goose Proof in 2005. Serving Central Indiana and the Thumb of Michigan.


Aimee is available as a speaker on the subject of Canada Geese and Control . Contact her by phone or email.

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Member of NWCOA

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Ready for some "Fowl Play"?

Goose Proof is a service that uses Border Collies to chase away the birds. This method is effective, because birds perceive the dogs as a real threat. This is due to the fact that they work silently, in a crouching position much like natural predators. The geese see the dogs and flee to a place where they feel more secure. We keep chasing them off until they don't feel safe enough to come back to your pond or yard.

  • Menacing eyes
  • Crouching position
  • Ready to chase

The Birds Don't Leave Anymore

As many of you are quite aware, the Canadian goose population in the metropolitan areas of Indianapolis have increased in number and nuisance. The problem stems from migratory birds deciding to stay here instead of just passing through. They chose our manicured ponds and properties because they have no area for their natural predators to hide a nutshell. They Feel Quite Safe.

Placeholder ImageRecognize the Canada Geese

Canada Geese are recognized by the "V" formation they create as they migrate in the spring and fall over North America. Up close, they can be identified by their long black necks, a white "chin strap", and brownish grey feathers. The birds are large, weighing up to 24lbs, and let out a very distinguishable "honking" noise.

They arrive by the Hundreds

Wherever there are Canada geese, there are goose droppings. And therein lies the main problem that many people have with these otherwise mostly harmless birds.